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There can be a lot of reasons your vehicle needs service. If it’s time to bring your Maserati in for regular maintenance or you think there might be an issue, stop by Faulkner Maserati Willow Grove.

To help drivers from Willow Grove, Horsham, and Abington, PA, get some of their questions about vehicle services answered, our team has put together this page. Read on to learn about our services and get the answers to some vehicle maintenance questions.

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Why is it important to bring in my vehicle for regular maintenance? 

Maserati MaintenanceBringing in your Maserati for regular maintenance has several benefits. The first is that you’ll catch potential problems early and prevent them from becoming bigger and more expensive. When you bring in your vehicle for regular maintenance, a technician will look over your car and be able to spot potential issues. You can get the problem fixed and save yourself money and stress from happening down the road.

Getting regular maintenance also keeps your vehicle running in tip-top shape. With regular service, tasks like oil changes and other engine tune-ups can keep your vehicle running well. These regular services will also extend your engine’s life so you can drive it longer and possibly even get better gas mileage.

What services does your service center offer?

Maserati Oil ChangeOur highly skilled technicians can tackle any services you need for your Maserati, from basic maintenance to more complicated repairs. These services include:

  • Oil changes
  • Transmission repairs
  • Custom paint jobs
  • Tire rotations
  • Spark plug replacements

Our technicians do much more and even offer multi-point inspections to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly checked before you hit the road again.

What does it mean when my check engine light comes on?

When your check engine light comes on, it can be confusing. A check engine light can mean a few different things, including minor issues. Essentially, the check engine light tells you that your car thinks something is wrong, most likely in the engine.

When your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, the best thing to do is to bring it to one of our technicians sooner rather than later.

What happens if I don’t change my oil?

Oil changes are an important part of a Maserati’s routine maintenance. If you don’t get your vehicle’s oil changed regularly, it can cause problems in your engine. Oil helps lubricate and cool down your engine. If the oil gets dirty or there isn’t enough oil, your engine will overheat and can get damaged from various parts rubbing together.

If you keep up with regular oil changes, your engine will be well lubricated and function better. You might even get a little better gas mileage out of your Maserati!

Have a Maserati in need of service?

If your Maserati needs some service or repair work to keep it running at peak efficiency, bring it by Faulkner Maserati Willow Grove’s service center. Our technicians are happy to work with drivers from the Willow Grove, Horsham, and Abington, PA, areas. We can answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s service. Schedule an appointment by phone or online with us today!

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