Maserati Levante Maintenance Schedule

Maserati Levante Maintenance Schedule

A Maserati Levante isn’t just an SUV that you drive; you feel its refined power with every start of the engine. Its engineering and interior design provides drivers with fulfillment. How can you help the Levante maintain that high standard so that you connect to its performance?

Scheduling regular maintenance is key to maximizing the Levante’s potential. The team at Faulkner Maserati Willow Grove is ready to help. Drivers near Willow Grove, Horsham, and Abington, PA, can read more below.

Recommended Maserati Levante Maintenance

Maserati Levante Maintenance ScheduleA Maserati Levante is built to generate high-level performance. Just look at the Trofeo. This trim delivers well over 500 horsepower and can reach speeds over 180 MPH. Built with the Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System, it is ready to pounce, thanks to its balanced traction.

With a blended performance like this, you’ll need to take good care of your vehicle. One way you can do this is with Maserati Connect, which links your vehicle seamlessly with your phone. You’ll be able to receive a heath report on your SUV, as well as friendly reminders to schedule Maserati Levante maintenance.

To check out some of our Maserati Levante maintenance recommendations, refer to our table below. These guidelines are based on projected usage, so head in for service if you drive beyond each mileage figure before the time frame.

Maserati Levante Maintenance Recommendations



Synthetic Oil Change

Every 12,500 miles (or 12 months)

Engine Coolant Check

Every 12,500 miles (or 12 months)

Air Filter Replacement

Every 150,000 miles (or 10 years)

Brake Inspection

Every 12,500 miles (or 12 months)

You may refer to your Maserati Levante owner’s manual to create a Maserati Levante service calendar. These guidelines may also be suggested by the factory-certified technicians at our service center. Their hands-on review of the SUV provides drivers with a chance to receive guidance tailored to their vehicle’s usage.

Our Service Center

Maserati Levante Maintenance ScheduleThe engine inside a Maserati Levante is like a piano in an orchestra. It needs to be tuned properly to provide its symphonic tones. To hear the Levante engine hum in full synchronization, stop by our service center. Our factory-certified auto technicians are here to provide expert care.

Stop in our service center for regular appointments like:

  • Synthetic oil and filter changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Battery checks
  • Transmission flushes

Part of our quality service entails making maintenance recommendations. We will review your SUV and provide suggestions to make sure you receive the most from your vehicle.

If you want to order Maserati parts, we can provide drivers with genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. A vehicle like a Maserati Levante should use authentic components to achieve a high performance. We use OEM parts at our service center and will help connect you with the parts you are searching for.

Schedule Maserati Levante Service

Providing quality maintenance renews your Maserati Levante experience. Stop by Faulkner Maserati Willow Grove for service. We’ll help you set a Maserati Levante maintenance schedule.

Drivers near Willow Grove, Horsham, and Abington, Pennsylvania, can stop by our service center. Contact us to schedule service.




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