What is a Transmission Flush?

What is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush completely removes your vehicle’s old transmission fluid so it can be replaced with fresh, clean fluid. Doing so helps bolster your shifting capability while extending the overall life of your transmission.

At Faulkner Maserati Willow Grove, our service center helps thousands of drivers throughout Willow Grove, Horsham, and Abington keep their vehicles running at peak performance.

To discover the benefits of a transmission flush can have on your ride, continue reading before scheduling your next appointment.

How Often Do I Need a Transmission Flush?

What is a Transmission Flush?If you’re like most drivers, you should schedule a transmission flush every 30,000—50,000 miles. In case you frequently travel inside the city or haul heavy loads you might need to flush your system on a more frequent basis.

To know what your specific make and model requires, we recommend speaking directly to our knowledgeable team of service team. Not only can our pros design a timetable that meets your vehicle’s needs, but we’ll also send a reminder so you never miss a milestone.

The great news: With a little forethought and planning, flushing your transmission fluid is often a quick and easy process!

Transmission Fluid Change vs Transmission Fluid Flush

A common misconception is changing the fluid is the same as completely flushing your transmission’s system.

When you change your fluid, your transmission pan is drained, and the filter is replaced. Only about half of your transmission fluid is actually replaced during a change. On the other hand, a flush completely purges your transmission of fluid using a cooler line flushing machine.

This helps remove dangerous particle buildup along with any gunky fluid. If not treated, this waste can end up damaging your gears.

Signs You Need a Transmission Flush

What is a Transmission Flush?Next to your engine, the transmission is the second most important component inside your vehicle. In charge of distributing torque to your tires, a healthy transmission is critical to enjoying safe and dependable travel.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye and ear out for any signs of trouble. In between trips our service center, stay aware of any signs your transmission is under stress or not properly functioning. Some of the more common signs include:

Hard Shifting

If you start to notice a quick jerk each time your transmission moves into a new gear, it might be a sign your gears are sticking together. This is a sign your transmission fluid is old and no longer applies the appropriate level of pressure.

You should also keep an ear open for any clunking or grinding metal noise emanating from the underbody of your vehicle.

Excessive RPMs

If your meter suddenly jumps over 3,500 RPMs while traveling at a low speed, it’s possible your transmission needs some TLC.

Gear Slippage

This serious issue can happen while traveling at highway speeds, so it’s important to make a service appointment the first time you notice it occur.

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